The SANU VENTILATION SYSTEM was born exclusively for the UAE market from the union of the over thirty years  
of SANU Company with ITALIAN TECHNOLOGY for the design, the production, the construction andthe installation of  
industrial air ventilation systems, air purification, powerlessair ventilation, industrial fans, gravity vent and industrial supply.  

   Our business activity commenced in the year 1980 when Eng. NunzioAttardo founded the company SANU in Syracuse,  
Sicily, ITALY. Our mainareas of operations are designing, manufacturing and installing ventilation
system and air aspiration for civil and industrial construction.

   In the year 2000, Eng. Nunzio Attardo relocated his business to Romania to offer and provide to his customers qualitative  
and reliable product in accordance with the European standards at a very competitive prices.

   The foundation of our company is built on the ground of rich values such as total seriousness, dedication, commitment and  
professionalism of our employees and we are one of the pioneers and leaders in this business domain.

   Our objective is to improve the quality of services for strategic development
of the portfolio of clients.

   Having a well organized structure fused with high flexibility, over the years, our company has managed to assert itself  
among the most important companies in this sector and continue to strength this position through countless successes  
achieved both nationally and internationally.

   The company with its headquarters in Romania has offices and two production hall that stretch over an area of 15.000  
m2, halls been equipped with the latest generation machinery with digital control that allow us a standard production,  
guaranteeing the quality of the finished products.

   SANU group has more than 20.000 plants installed all over Europe.

   Our new company SANU VENTILATION SYSTEM was founded with the  goal of producing and propose  
technologically advanced products in the UAE market.

                  SANU holds ISO quality certificates for the products sold. Click here to view certificates.

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Ventilation system

     Equipping your environments with a  
modern settle aspiration and air conditioning  
will have the opportunity to optimize each  
stage of production, making it more  
comfortable carring out the work itself.
Quality Italian Materials
Competitive Prices

   Pipes made in stainless steel or zinc,
plain or isolated, carry air to and from
the source of ventilation.

     The warmth of your own home, safery, family
comfort are the primary criteria when we arrange 
our house.
and axial fans

   For intake of dusty air
and various materials in

    The great advantage of cartdge  
filters is represented by dimensions  
contained in reference to the high  
filtering surface.

   High efficiency cyclones settling, centrifugal     
separation air / dust with diameters matching the  
capacity in mc / h depending on equirements.  
    Used in industries of mining, chemical, oil, food,  
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