Installation of ventilation, suction, filtration and industrial air conditioning made  
by  us are the result of a careful team work, in which we brings together the skills  
of technicians and qualified technical installers and possessing the latest skills to  
use the best materials available on the market, in order to ensure the realization of  
efficient and versatile systems.

   Equipping your enviroments with a modern settle aspiration and air conditioning  
will have the opportunity to optimize each stage of production, making it more  
comfortable carrying out the work itself.

   Air treatment in the workplace is a component key to optimize and improve all  
processes, thats  why we entrust the construction of plants with industrial air  
conditioning technicians, who can provide high quality solutions, in order to  
achieve their goals.

   Using the latest technologies will be performed calculations for sizing of your  
unit work  where will be installed ventilation and air conditioning system, in order  
to ensure the best performance and functionality under all use conditions ,  with  
the regulations in environmental protection.

   Thanks to a well-organized but extremely flexible, in these years, our company  
has successfully established itself between the main companies in the sector and  
to further strengthen this position through the many successes not only nationally  
but also internationally.

Examples of areas of activity for installation of ventilation, suction,  
filtration and industrial air conditioning:

1. Exhaust systems, ventilation and air filtration

Pipe and fittings in galvanized steel / stainless steel
      - rectangular or circular, single or isolated
      - stainless steel chimneys
      - connection terminals
      - mounting base, extension and iron collars

      - industrial fans, composed as:
- centrifugal fans
- axial fans
     - suction hoses for air, smoke, dust, sawdust, shavings, water,solvents, vapors
     - plants for recovery of heat
     - suction tables
     - ventilation soundproof boxes
     - cyclones and silos
     - paint booths, dry and with water
     - exhaust hoods
     - dehumidifiers
     - air purifiers
     - industrial vacuum cleaners

Filtration (filters fixed / mobile)
     - activated carbon filters
     - filters with sleeves
     - oil filters
     - cartridge filters
     - dry filters

Components for refrigeration and air conditioning

   The systems for suction, ventilation and filtration of dust and fumes are ideal for  
filtering the dust produced during industrial processes (mechanical, manufacturing,  
steel, chemical, pharmaceutical, wood, resin, etc.) They all can be adapted and  
installed in shops, workshops , small businesses, hotels and restaurants. Made with  
high quality materials, dust filtration plants find their best use in the aspiration of all  
the dust produced during the regeneration of cartridges for printers, during the  
grinding of springs and working of marble, stone and resin, and they can filter up  
to 99.99% of the material. Our systems are in fact able to filter even the finest  
dust, which tend to penetrate the filters and normally being very difficult to  

Examples of areas of activity for ventilation, suction and air filtration:

     1. Wood Industry
Isolation of pipes, filter groups furniture suction benches, pneumatic conveying
sawdust and wood chips.

     2. Ventilation system for restaurants and hotels
Filtration systems and air recirculation pipe fixed and mobile, axial fans, hoods.  
For the hotels with a laundry, we offer a system of vapor aspiration and heat  

     3. Automotive Industry
Filtration system harmful booths. Filters and accessories for painting materials.

     4. Textiles Industry
Polluted air filtration systems, hoses for textile fibers.

     5. Food industry
Filtration systems with electrostatic filters  for oil vapor caused by slaughter  

     6. Metallurgy Industry
Extraction systems for iron powder, welding smoke.

     7. Mines Industry
Extraction systems for rock dust, coal dust and smoke.

     8. Pharmaceuticals Industry
Plant suction of polluted air and chemicals powder.

     9. Glass Industry
Pneumatic conveying system of the sand used, the intake system of heat.

     10. Tobacco Industry
Polluted air filtration system.

     11. Milling Industry
Dust suction system.

     12. Agriculture Area
System with the silos, dust filtration.

     13. Detergent Industry
Chemistry dust extraction system.

     14. Foundries (rubber, plastic)Industry
Active carbon filters, filtration systems for polluted air.

     15. Discotheque / Night club
Filtration system and air circulation.


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